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Tulenkey – Friday Special (Song Review & Facts)

Ghana’s acclaimed rapper, Tulenkey, has graced us with a delightful musical experience in his latest track, “Friday Special,” featuring the talented Ramo. Serving as Tulenkey’s fourth release of the year, this upbeat composition promises to be the perfect crescendo to his musical journey in the current year.


“Friday Special” not only marks the culmination of Tulenkey’s musical endeavors for the year but also showcases a harmonious blend of hiplife and highlife influences. The infusion of these two genres adds a unique and captivating dimension to the song, ensuring a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience.

True to Tulenkey’s signature style, “Friday Special” is a rhythmic masterpiece where the rapper seamlessly intertwines his hard-hitting rhymes with the infectious beat. Ramo brings his own flavor to the mix with dancehall vibes, delivering his verses in a charming Jamaican patois. The dynamic collaboration and the multilingual nature of the song contribute to its distinctiveness, living up to its evocative title.

Tulenkey’s 2023

Known for his selective releases, Tulenkey maintains a reputation for delivering high-quality music. “Friday Special” is no exception. It is currently available for download in mp3 format. While the accompanying video is anticipated, the audio alone is enough to keep listeners captivated.

How to Listen and download Tulenkey – Friday Special

Whether you’re a dedicated fan of Tulenkey or Ramo, their latest collaboration demands attention. “Friday Special” has the power to elevate your mood, making it a must-listen for music enthusiasts. Don’t miss the opportunity to download the track. After that, share your thoughts as we eagerly await the visual accompaniment from Tulenkey.

Hit the download button below. Let the infectious beats of “Friday Special” engulf you, and share your thoughts on this musical masterpiece. Get ready to groove to the joyful rhythms crafted by these two talented artists.

Listen to the song here

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