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Yaa Pono featuring Ras Kuuku “Ogya”

Ghanaian rapper Yaa Pono has unleashed a musical firestorm with his latest creation, “Ogya,” featuring the reggae and dancehall prowess of Ras Kuuku. This collaboration marks Yaa Pono’s fourth release this year, following the success of “Yard,” “Gun Dem,” and “Foreign God.”

About Yaa Pono and Ras Kuuku

In the realm of Puom music, Ras Kuuku stands tall as a charismatic leader, making waves as one of the hottest dancehall acts in the scene. His seasoned ability to infuse verses with an authentic dancehall flavor sets him apart, making him an indispensable force in the collaboration.

Yaa Pono, renowned for his versatility and unmatched prowess in adapting to various beats, brings his A-game to “Ogya.” The synergy between these two seasoned musicians adds an extra layer of significance to the track.

Yaa Pono – Ogya Song Length

Yaa Pono wastes no time in delivering an engaging beat that captures the essence of his musical ingenuity. A testament to his versatility, he effortlessly navigates through the beats, showcasing his ability to tackle any rhythm with finesse. The collaboration unfolds seamlessly, with both artists conveying their message in a concise two-minute timeframe a perfect balance that ensures listeners are captivated without a time-consuming commitment.

How to download and listen to this song

For those eager to experience “Ogya,” Yaa Pono, also known as Ponobiom, offers the track for MP3 download. This allows fans to enjoy the rhythm whether connected or offline. Additionally, an audio slide version is available on YouTube, providing a visual dimension to the auditory experience.

“Ogya” is not just a song; it is a dynamic collaboration that brings together the mastery of two seasoned artists, creating a musical journey worth undertaking. Listen, download, and share your thoughts, as Yaa Pono and Ras Kuuku ignite the airwaves with their undeniable talent.

Listen to Ogya by Yaa Pono on YouTube

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