Lyrics: Shatta Wale – Exodus


Waguan yeh-eh
Mi sit and realize

Dem never happy when, we rise up
From the ghetto yute we wise up
Dem all ah fight we
Can I hear all my ghetto yute dem seh:

Verse 1:

We want ah better job
Nuh inna rapper ting metaphor
Cyan decorate dis letter yuh
Mountain ah Ecuador
Read from Psalm to the Exodus

From Jeremiah to Leviticus
Now, wi ah lit it up
‘member mi cyan never let it go
Tell dem Samarite fi let mi go
Watch me, never know mi no
Play unnu mind like a domino

Tear unnu heart wit a song y’know
Lock mi? Like Addi, unnu cyan tek mi crown y’know

Unnu cyan weak we, man ah too strong y’know
Sit one mile alone den watch like ah cinema


Gun pon ah waist weh we term as a ring leader
Any banga ranga mi dem link, cuz di ring leader
Never rank ah man, unless dem nuh run like Lucifer

Trust in God, for unnu know you issa believer
Just like Shatta Wale always deliver


Oh yeah, what yuh tink?
(Laughs Off)

Verse 2:

Di lyrics turn like di psychic
Fuck anybody weh nuh like it
Couple of shots, we just ah pipe it
True we ah wipe it
See all ah di eagle in eyes
Watch all di wire and devices

Boy analyzes
Wi come fi show dem prizes
Wi dema set up di spies
Fuck demma advices
Who never like nuh go buy dis
Who never see ah go try dis


If ah nuh the plan dis
Man weh affi face a likkle chances
My soldier dem overstand dis

Never know seh some ah we never grow wit no daddy’s
We ah hustler dey mek da money no paddy
Everyday ah court case, police and charges
Buh wi never bother gimme de pussy mek me ram it
Oh yes, I promise
Yes, promise

Mountain Afadjato kɛ ya kyɛ onyo King Promise
(What be your worries?
Tell stories, If eno be your bungalow den your three stories.)

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