Lyrics: Shatta Wale -Testimony

Lyrics: Shatta Wale -Testimony

Me ano my story
Can you count your blessing

Make i start from Makola station
Adey sleep by malaria patient
Make i show you mafia takers
Or make i show you soldier bar pictures
For Tudu i dey see cocaine oo
Adey see friends dey go for jail o
Adey watch Aliko Dangote oo
But ano know how ago gain oo
Criminally man’ah bad’i.
Check Labadi
Adey worry
Jah Jah guide me
I beg you dont stay far from me ei
Scatter every evil obstacles
I dey want buy house for trasacco
Despite yei be my role model,my role model
Nana Nyame my teacher eii
I dey beg you show me my future eii
This December I want to see my Santa eii my Santa eii

God i want you to give me testimony
So make i take the money
Make i give you testimony
Cos dey say you no dey oo ,u no dey
i want you to give me testimony
God make i take de money
i want to give you testimony
Cos dey say you no dey oo ,u no dey

Everything I dey do them dey laugh oo
Seh I no go top African chart oo
Thunder fire you who said that ?
Small time dey go call me Wacko Jacko
Me I believe in everything
Jah Jah give me everything
So I no go deviate no way today
They go follow my legacy
I no get no best friend oo
My best friend be the Bible oo
Give me wisdom and power , the knowledge go shower
Bible no lie oo
So dem crucify Jesus
Take we reach where u promise us
Fake friends diss me first
Demma heart bitter than joy daddy bitters
If you say make I sacrifice for you
I go take my life die for you
Because the life i dey live
The things I dey see
And still you dey make time for me
Who great ? Who great at all ?
Baba God I say who great at all ?
Only you I know oo
Jehovah Nissi dey check my role


You give me the life and everything I need
So I dey call you i’m on my knees
I say my life be my life no be for lease
I no dey owe nobody I dey feel free
Because life be straight oo don’t cross lines
Ataa Naanyomor you know long time
My 9 be my 9
I no go turn 6 to 9 oh yeh
Give me that super power
God I want higher power
So my brothers and sisters go dey understand me ei higher higher
God great !!!!

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